New Web Series

It’s been a while since I last updated, as you can see now we have a twitter feed going on that should be updated much more frequently than the main posts.  I’ll try to keep these for larger announcements, but feel free to follow us on twitter as well if that is your thing. You can find our page at

We’ve kept busy these last few months since we did our 48 Hour Film Project. We finished a short about human trafficking called Broken Dolls for our friends over at Bissonica Entertainment. We also tested out the Canon 7D with a new short directed by our friend Ellwyn Kaufman.

We’re in pre-production right now for a web series called Hollywood Wasteland. A comedy about the end of the world.  We’re hoping to being production early next year and get a few episodes out on the web before spring roles around. You can get more information as that develops at its official and very blank (for now) website at

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