Celebrate the Web 4: Target Kill

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This is a project we worked on for Celebrate the Web. A week long contest to create an original pilot.

Get out the vote! For Carmen 1.0

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Check out our entry in the 4th Annual Escapist Film Festival. Carmen 1.0 is about Sid, who invents a new gaming system to play with his friends. Unfortunately for them, he hasn’t quite worked out all the bugs.

Carmen 1.0 Thumbnail

If you don’t have an Escapist account you can get one by going to and registering.  “Login with facebook” is the easiest way and only takes a few clicks.

You should then see a button to vote on our video’s page.  I hope you enjoy our video.  You can talk about the entry here

Thanks for your support.

Hollywood Wasteland Episode 1 Live on KoldCastTV

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The Last Resort

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We had a great time this weekend, and finished our 48 Hour Film Project entry only a couple of minutes before the deadline.  The screening was last night at the Regency Fairfax Theaters in Los Angeles.

On Friday a news team followed our team to do a story on the 48 Hour Film Project.  You can see the story here.

Our entry was titled “The Last Resort” with the following required elements.
Genre: Comedy
Prop: Junk Mail
Character: Alex or Alexis Filbert, Champion
Dialogue: “How was I supposed to know?”

You can find the film here or as a link from our films page.
The Last Resort

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Waste of Time

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So, what exactly have we been up to?  Well, we’ve been doing a few improv shorts to keep ourselves busy.  We have 5 of these shot already, and we’re planning on launching them on their own website.

Because we come up with and film them in the same day, we’ve decided to name them “Waste of Time” shorts.